Our Ecosystem
Evolving Ecosystems, Empowering Economies

Explore the transformative power of our crypto ecosystem, driving economic growth and fostering financial inclusivity. Through a harmonized network of digital transactions, blockchain technologies, and decentralized solutions, our ecosystem acts as a catalyst for economic evolution. By engendering a robust environment for digital asset management and financial innovation, we empower individuals and communities across the globe, paving the path towards a more equitable and prosperous economic landscape..


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Our Roadmap

Our roadmap shows a step-by-step plan to reach important goals in the crypto world, making it easier for everyone to use and trust our platform. We are moving forward, keep growing and getting better, aiming for a future where CAGS works well together.

Phase 1 : Q3 in 2021
• Launch Token Website : cagolds.com 
•Begin Marketing on Social Media 
• Awareness and Education of potential of blockchain, Metamask, Trust Wallet 
• Telegram : t.me/cagolds 
• Twitter : twitter.com/CagsGold 
• Facebook : facebook.com/cagolds 
• Instagram : Instagram.com/cagoldstd 
• Medium 
• WhitePaper 
• COVID Recovery and Vaccination Charity Campaign 
• Official Launch Date: 8 am EST, 8 August 2021 
• Listing on PancakeSwap 
• Listing on BSCscan 
• Listed on Bogged Finance 
• Initial Liquidity Launch ( 8 am EST, 8 August 2021)
Phase 2 : Q4 in 2021 onwards
• Increase Telegram members, 10,000+ 

• Increase Twitter Members, 10,000+ 

• YouTube/Tik Tok Promotion 

• Continue Marketing on Social Medias 

• Continue Awareness and 

• Education of Blockchain and Wallets 

• Apply for CoinGecko 

• Apply for CoinMarket Cap 

• Collaborations and Partnerships 

• Articles /News Publishing 

• Influencer Partnerships for Marketing Push 

• Ambassadors by Countries

Phase 3 : Q1 in 2022 onwards
• Apply for Listing at Centralised Exchange 

• Develop Partnership with Merchants and Businesses 

• Partnership with Effective Social Media 

• Voluntary Donation • Charity Partnership 

• Partnership with Venture Capital 

• Looking for Venture Capital 

• Looking for undervalued Digital Assets including NFTs 

• Setting Up Team of Experts 

• Develop CAGS Platform 

• Blockchain Development for DAO

Phase 4 : 2023 to 2025
• Testing and Launch of DAO 

• Mobile Apps Development 

• Development Crypto Debit Card 

• Selection and Purchase of Digital Assets 

• Compliance and Regulation